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A Virtual Keyboard for iPad & iPhone

We live in the future. No, seriously, we do. This laser virtual keyboard ($170) is proof of it. It syncs with your iPad or iPhone over bluetooth so that you can type on any surface. Check out the video of it in action.

You can even choose to have simulated keyboard sounds, just in case silent typing isn’t your thing. Can you imagine full school classes or workplaces where everyone is typing on lasers? So crazy. The size of the cube laser device is just a bit larger than a matchbook and the battery lasts for 2.5 hrs. 

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I remember seeing this in the NYT years ago. So cool.

This might make the iPad usable for me. Note the up and down keys, missing on the iPad screen keyboard, making it impossible to use Tumblr in Safari.  I will have to try.

I agree, even if the touch interface is excellent for some things, it is still difficult to manage without arrow keys…

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Apple unveils new iPhone 4S, Apps, IA and more!


Today Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, held a press conference in Cupertino for the long awaited iPhone announcement. Cook talked about the two new Chinese Apple stores that opened saying “It’s an extraordinary time to be at Apple. No more is that evident than at our retail stores” in particular pointing out the Hong Kong location which is the largest store in Asia. Cook also talked iPad and how successful it has been. Then Cook got into the meat of the event. Talking about iPhone.

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Apple is having an event on Oct 4th to announce the iPhone 5


Great news for Apple fans. Apple is holding a press event next Tuesday October 4th to announce the iPhone 5, which as you know rumors have been going around now for a bit about it. In the announcement Apple said it will be an “executive presentation” which undoubtedly will come from Apple’s new CEO Tim Cook. It would be nice to see Steve Jobs there though; in support of course.

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Happy 13th Birthday, Google


Today is Google’s birthday as it turns 13 yrs old. In other words, Google was founded 13 yrs ago by Larry Page and Sergey Brin with the core business model of being a search engine. In the past 13 yrs, Google has exploded into a monstrosity of a company and is synonymous with search and innovation in the technology corridor ranking up there in the presence of Apple, Microsoft and most recently Facebook.

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10 Steeps to create your Facebook Timeline

I have just update my Facebook profile with “Timeline” app/view.

The process is really easy with exactly 10 steeps:

  1. Go to your Facebook profile
  2. Open a new window and go to
  3. Click “allow”
  4. Click “Create a new app”
  5. Write the app display name
  6. Write app namespace (7 characters)
  7. Click on Open Graph and write for example “read” and choose one of the options for example “article”. Click Get Started
  8. Click on “Save changes and next”
  9. And finally click on “Save changes and finish”
  10. Go to your Facebook profile and reload the page and ENJOY!! :D

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